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About the Programmer

meBorn 1982 in Oita, Japan. Isshu Rakusai has been developed user-friendly softwares. His most popular work is the "Kami copi", a scrapbook software, which Rakusai designed during his sophomore year in high school. Other works include "Kaze" an e-mail service software that allows you to send e-mails without using the address book; and "Takenoko" an file management system using zooming technique.  Isshu Rakusai is interested in civil activities, user-friendly computer technologies such as human interface, etc..

NOTA has been adopted by IPA (Information-technology promotion Agency, Japan) as one of the best programs for "Unexplored Software Creation Projects 2003" and has been developed with its full support.

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Special thanks to:

Kentaro Higaki
Hiroyo Kato
Yoshio Shingyoji
Koduka Yoshihiro
Chie Igarashi (Translator)


Ken Suzuki
Daiya Hashimoto

NOTA Network

NOTA Network, an open-source community supporting the development of NOTA was started in 2005. It is a Network / Community of about 40 volunteers (researchers, students, companies, etc,) open to anyone who is interested in participating. You don't have to be a programmer to be a member of this network. Share your ideas with Rakusai and the members of NOTA Network and be a part of the NOTA Network. Come and join our workshops and help us spread NOTA to the world.


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