System Requirements

Hardware requirements


Web browsers on which Flash Player 6.0 or over is installed.
Windows... Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera etc.
MacOS... Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape etc.
Linux... Mozilla、Netscape etc.


Various kinds of HTTP servers that run on Linux, UNIX, Windows.
Image::Magick library required.

Develpment language

perl and Flash

Distribution of NOTA

We have just started NOTA Project. We are going to make every possible effort to make its website or documentation perfect and for the program to get to users in general as soon as possible.

NOTA's distribution is going to proceed in two ways:

  1. Free distribution for personal users who manage their server by themselves or those who run NOTA as clients.
  2. Paid distribution for server rental companies or Internet service providers.

About free distribution, please visit trial page. About paid distribution, please ask us for further information.

How to install NOTA

First you have to install NOTA into the sever of your ISP and then you can use it with your Web browser.