What's NOTA?

What's NOTA?

Welcome to the NOTA's world!

Now we are going to introduce to you NOTA, a miraculous Web page creating tool of our time. NOTA is a revolutionary innovative system that enables you to create and edit Web pages while writing letters, drawing hand written lines or pasting pictures directly on the Web browser. NOTA works on any ordinary browser that supports Flash. You can enjoy its full potential and performance with no particular knowledge about HTML as if you were working on an average word processor.

Enjoy Collaboration

With NOTA, you can create and manage Web pages in collaboration with your fellow members. Creating dynamic Web pages has become more and more popular as Wiki or Blog has been gaining momentum, but we cannot say that they have realized user-friendly interfaces given that they cannot allow you to edit Web pages without making use of HTML text boxes or the like. As contrasted to those programs, you can literally use NOTA as a shared notebook since you can carry out almost all the tasks including writing, placing shapes, creating links by drag and drop--while updating and saving Web pages in real time! NOTA lets you fully enjoy a whole new life in cyberspace.

What does NOTA stand for?

NOTA comes from the Latin word "nota" that originally had a lot of meanings including "sign, mark, letter, musical note." NOTABASE is a word I have coined as opposed to DATABASE.