What's NOTA?

NOTA Examples

Nota is being used in many communities.  Here, we will show the NOTA Examples.

Education NOTA

Yokohama Survival Junior Member, Japan

横浜サバイバルジュニア隊員養成プロジェクト NOTA is being used by elementary school students in Yokohama, Japan to construct a disaster prevention map. Students share their information on their shared web page by posting new photos and safety advices. Children’s creative use of NOTA is unique and fascinating.


Community NOTA

Yokohama Citizen Media Consortium, Japan

A bulletin board is created with NOTA by an organization in Yokohama to share information about their city. The bulletin board includes information and news about the city and is updated regularly. Anyone can access the site and check out what’s new.


Family NOTA

Nara, Japan

家族でNOTAMembers of this family use the page to let other members know what they have been up to. A mother who had never touched a computer ever before is now able to put pictures and comments on their shared webpage thanks to the user-friendly NOTA. Grand parents who live far away are excited to check the NOTA webpage everyday, curious what their son/daughter and grand kids have updated that day.  NOTA is the perfect communication tool for those who can’t see each other always.

Friends NOTA

切磋琢磨NOTA A shared web page created with close friends. These guys keep in touch by keeping a shared diary page and web chats (directly on the shared web pages! You can write in messages like blogs.) Working all the time and living far away is no excuse! You’ll never lose touch this way :-)

Alumni NOTA

Kyoto, Japan

京都洛北高校第五会同期会 Over 110 classmates are registered in this shared web page. They can contact each other through NOTA to notify school reunions and little get-togethers. Updating photos allow them to see how everyone has changed and not changed :-) Logging in to their web page, chatting to each other, turns it into a little reunion right there on the web page.

Other Ways to use NOTA 

A shared white board for meetings
A record keeping tool
For presentations with visuals and explanations


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