Experiencing NOTA

Follow the simple and easy steps and experience NOTA now!

Select a Theme

Choose a theme from the list provided below.  Click on “New” and type in the necessary information.  This will allow you to start using NOTA right away.  You may choose and create more than one theme and web pages.  (You can also view without becoming a registered member)

English NOTA

NOTA for all English users.

My Favorites NOTA

Create a page introducing all of your favorite places, shops, restaurants, jewelry, pets, etc. Fill the page with your passion!

Designer’s NOTA

This is a perfect page for those of you who are interested in designing. Share your creations on your page.

Chef’s NOTA

Share your specialties, secret recipes and your favorite restaurants.

Photo Diary NOTA

Share your trips and recent news with captioned photographs.

Message NOTA

Notify your friends and family to create a special card for the ones you care about. Add photos, pictures and hand written messages to make an original card filled with love.

NOTA Laboratory

This is a page for those who are interested in the development of NOTA. Share your ideas on this page and help spread NOTA all around the world!

Notepad NOTA

This is a page to test out and confirm how NOTA works in real settings. All writings may be deleted at any time without notice.


  • Our Trial Version is free of charge.
  • You may add comments to pages created by other members. However, if we decide anything to be improper, it will be taken off the page.
  • Avoid any comments, pictures, remarks that may go against the standards of decency. Do not use NOTA in any way that will lead to discomfort of other NOTA users. If we decide any pages to be improper, we may delete the page without notice.
  • When using photos and pictures, please be aware of copyrights and piracy.
  • The Nota Office has the right to end the Trial Version service after notifying NOTA users on our NOTA website.
  • If during the course of using our Trial Version any problems should occur between the Nota Office or other NOTA users, it will be the users’ full responsibility to resolve the issue.
  • The NOTA development team is always open to user’s opinions. If there are any ideas or concerns, please feel free to contact us.


About Supports

If you have questions about the use of NOTA, please read the Easy Guide and Help. For individual inquiry, please fill out our Support Form.